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Meet me!


I am a professional photographer and the owner/artist behind the lens at Kelly G Photography. I work from home & on location around the Lower Mainland.


I love photographing sessions that capture true emotion as I feel that it is so important to create an ever-lasting memory of a time that goes by so quickly. I create timeless, light-filled images that show families connecting, laughing, playing, dancing and enjoying a moment. 

My two children and my husband are my everything. They are what inspire me, push me to grow my photography and my source of joy. Spending more time with them is what encouraged me to start growing my business 6 years ago.

When I don’t have my camera in hand, I’m either with my family enjoying the ocean  or vacations, running, dancing terribly in my kitchen or cozied up next to the fire with a puzzle.

Random facts you should know about me

I teach boxing on the side for fun (it helps if people aren't cooperating - kidding!).


Coffee - all the coffee - Assume at all times I'm buzzing with caffeine.


The ocean and I have a deep connection - it just speaks to my soul - My dad was a Captain and we travelled the world on a deep sea ship when I was young. Then we became a sailing family, as far as I can remember, I have always been connected to the water in some way.

I can't stay up past 10 p.m. I just can't function. Most nights I'm in bed by 9.

I'm deeply competitive. Most people think they're competitive until they meet me. No really, I'm more competitive than you.

I'm sarcastic, playful and always laughing.

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