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Newborn Goodness

Newborn goodness on the blog today!

It may have snowed a ridiculous amount this weekend, cancelling one of my planned photoshoots, but nothing, not even snowy roads, was going to keep me from getting to photograph the Poon family and their newest arrival.

Angela and I met back in 2003, when we were paired together as roommates in New Zealand. What a far-away place to meet such a close friend. Living with me couldn’t have been that bad, because we remained friends and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her, her husband Ash, and their family as it grows.

Angela was the very first person I told when I decided to go “pro”, and I’m so thankful it lined up with the arrival of baby Oliver. He was peaceful and calm the entire session, and Ang & Ash are veteran parents who made it all look way too easy.

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