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Whytecliff Park West Vancouver Family Photography Session

I’m so behind on blogging - but I have posted sessions continually on my Facebook & Instagram - so if you don’t follow me there, you should!!

Facebook reminded me this morning that it’s one of my favourite little guy’s 2nd birthday - so I thought I would re-visit a summer family session at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, as it was a spectacular location - definitely one of my favourites from the year! I’m a sucker for open ocean and rocky shores and golden hour. I could do every session like that.

The more session that I’ve done this year, the more I realize I love open skies - something about long skies and horizons with a beautiful family playing, just speaks to me. Seriously - the early evenings of Winter make these sessions so easy for Toddlers to stay up for - so lets book one now!

This was an extended family session - for a family that feels almost like my own. I’ve known the Burke’s since my early high-school days, and Ashley and I have been great friends since the beginning (well…. maybe not quite the beginning, I have a great story about the time she threw a drink on me and we had to battle for every starting position in sports). From high-school sports to weddings, babies and raising our kids, we’ve been close friends and the Burke family is an amazing, talented close family so I was thrilled to do this session.

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