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Siblings: Sweet Sibling Session in Coquitlam

I've known these two guys since their birth, Angela, their mom is one of my nearest & dearest friends, who I randomly was paired up with as a roommate in New Zealand many many years ago, we may have met across the world, but we managed to keep a friendship when we came home - and have taken family photos for the entire family, long before I went "professional" officially - it still feels weird/a dream to call myself a professional photographer.

So when Angela asked me to do a Fall sibling mini session for her, as a (very) belated Mother's Day gift, I was super excited. Henry is one of my daughter's favourite friends and playmates, so I always know how to get a good smile out of him..... as for Oliver, I learned that he doesn't like being yelled at/surprised closed to bedtime.... I may have taken peek-a-boo a little too far. Sorry Ang.

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