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Newborn : Vancouver Newborn lifestyle session

This Vancouver lifestyle newborn session has been one of my favourites, even though the space was tight and the parents were worried about the light, we were able to make it work. I find that 85% of the time someone expresses worries about the lighting, it's actually okay in the end. My camera and gear can pull light out of places that iphones or smaller camera's cant. That being said, please let me know if you have concerns about lighting. I do have a flash system I can bring to a session, but if we plan the timing correctly, usually we can use just natural light in at least one or two of your spaces.

Vancouver Newborn

Because I'm a natural light photographer (think creamy bright highlights and natural soft shadows), I'm always looking to use your best available light. I gravitate to natural lights for two reasons, 1) it's natural looking and 2) as an on-location photographer, I don't want to cart light stands, soft boxes, lighting and all the gear I already bring. This means that no two session are the same, and hopefully they reflect your space and lives.

Okay, on to the goodness that was this session. The mom had ordered the sweetest little floral crown and we pulled in a rose to add to an image - perfection. Just loved everything about this session.

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