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Family : Aldergrove Family Session

Okay, I'll admit. I'm super delinquent. However, I've made a resolution to share more of my work in 2020. Currently, only about 10 % of my sessions ever make it to social media. Brutal. However, between running this awesome business and being a full time mom (aka chauffer, dance bun creator, soccer mom, lunch/dinner maker and about a million other things) means that actually sharing posts with you has suffered this year.

The good news is, I have about 70 sessions from the year that you didn't see. Not because I didn't want you to, because I do! And therefor I've promised myself that you'll see most or all of them this year, plus a big chunk of the 80+ sessions I have this year.

So I'll start off with one of the most FUN families you'll ever meet. This was our second year, and they bring SO much energy to a session. Mom's super laid back and wants her kids captured naturally, so she doesn't stress at their energy or lack of posing, and I always wear running shoes because I spend half my time sprinting after them. But we always capture the most amazing little gems that show how truly awesome these kids and this family is.

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