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Newborn : Baby Logan

The past two weeks were some of the busiest I’ve had in a long while, the good news is they were "fun-busy" and packed with awesome friends, throwing my best friend a bridal shower, running the Half Corked Marathon in Oliver and a family vacation among sunny vineyards.

But now its back to reality, (although I really love my photography reality) I’ve got some fun shoots planned in the coming weeks, including a maternity session on Friday night. But now we get to look back on one of my favourite newborn session, I should really stop saying that as I think I say that for every newborn session I do. I just love the peace, calm and squishy goodness that comes with newborn! I did manage to capture one of my favourite 'new-mom' shots to date though - the connection between Atessa & Logan was undeniable. Major Swoon!

Atessa & Sean are a crossfitting, powerhouse couple who co-own a crossfit gym (Functional Athletics) in North Vancouver and are surrounding by one of the cutest, fittest and most loving families I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting - the photos of the grandparents are just amazing and I’m so happy that they got to be a part of the shoot as well.

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