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Helllloooo Fall - Catching up and prepping for changes!

I am so far behind on sharing some beautiful family and newborn sessions!! The summer has been full of adventures and photoshoots - sometimes even combined, and I’ve completley neglected updating my blog!

This mom-photographer-social media uploader gig is no joke! Sometimes its hard to remember to fit in a bit of self care.

That being said, I love my new job. Love. I can’t imaging doing anything else at this point, and the future is looking so amazing. Lots of new families will be photographed, lots of changes coming to the business (cough cough… introductory pricing will be phased out, if you want a session at my current rates book quickly….), new gear, new gallery platforms, new learnings. I’m constantly studying, taking courses, practicing and attempting to hone my skills as photographer and I'm so happy with the results

I’m currently blogging trying to catch up and share some beautiful sessions - so I'll only share one images now, from this past weekend's session in Kelowna - it was so much fun.

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